Executive Coaching

Inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential 

Counselling/ Psychotherapy

Leverages your capacity for self-actualization and healing

Career Guidance

Extracts your potential and maps it to career choices that have the greatest probability of success
Sometimes we wonder if we are living our lives to our fullest potential. At Tanmaatra (Sanskrit for potential), we partner with you to help you discover your potential and bring it to life.  We use a time-tested and reliable framework to do this, which is customized to your needs. We are constantly evaluating and improving this framework based on the latest evidence-based research from diverse fields including psychology,  neuroscience, behavioral science, and management and leadership literature.

‘Mining potential’ may seem like a lot of work, and indeed it is. But it is also a lot of fun! We believe that is the best way for us to learn.  You will find us doing it with a lot of warmth, sensitivity and complete confidentiality. After all we are dealing with what is most precious to you – yourself !